Trash - Fayette Waste, LLC

Franklin Township, Fayette County, PA

Fayette Waste, LLC
PO Box 65
Waltersburg, PA 15488
Phone: 724-430-0100
Fax: 724-437-7126 (check for holiday pickups)

Office Hours: M-F 9am-4pm

All of Franklin Township gets picked up on Wednesday except for the following roads which are picked up on Tuesdays:

  • Allen Road
  • Crabapple Road
  • Tippecanoe Road

SPRING CLEAN UP - APRIL 20, 2022       Allen, Crabapple, Tippecanoe Roads your Spring Clean Up is APRIL 19, 2022

FALL CLEAN UP - OCTOBER 12, 2022     Allen, Crabapple, Tippecanoe Roads your Fall Clean Up is OCTOBER 11, 2022

There will be a dumpster at the municipal building for ELECTRONICS Collection in 2022:  October 10th thru October 14th