This photo of the Curfew Grange is from the collection of Mrs. Emma Cook Dennis. Mrs. Dennis turned 94 on August 16, 2001. She lived in Star Junction and Perryopolis and taught at Perry High School. Her sister, Edna Cook Lepley, was Barry Lepley’s mother. Their father was Henry S. Cook.

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The rock festival is off and the J. Harold Arnold farm vacant, but a group estimated to number 800 to 1,000 remained encamped last night on another farm a few miles away.

Mrs. William King reportedly gave permission to a few hitchhikers to stay overnight on her property. That number quickly swelled and last night the property contained about all of the rock enthusiasts remaining in the area.

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As of August 2010, the newly renovated swimming pool at Franklin Community Park is now open. The first-phase construction has been completed for the pool, located in the park at 115 Warchol Road in Flatwoods, about two miles from Route 51.

Previously named the Curfew Recreation Center, the park was owned by Curfew Grange 1052 before being bought by the township in July 2007. A five-member recreation board is overseeing activities at the park.

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For 50 years, as of 2011, the Franklin Community Park has brought people together.

“It developed friendships that lasted through people’s lives,’’ said Sandy Brittingham, a member of the 50th anniversary committee.

“Whole families gathered together every Sunday after church and brought a picnic lunch,’’ said Cathy Brady, another anniversary committee member. “It’s amazing the friendships they developed and kept through their lives because of the pool.’’

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